Brandi Rhodes to launch official AEW podcast

10 months following the promotion’s official launch, Brandi Rhodes has kept herself mighty busy with All Elite Wrestling. So far, Brandi has served as both an in-ring wrestler and the Chief Brand Officer. Now, she adds another position to her name: podcast host.

Per an announcement from WarnerMedia, AEW have plans to launch an official podcast by the end of the year. WarnerMedia announced a plethora of new podcasts in an upfront released today for advertisers, and one of those podcasts were for AEW. Pro Wrestling Sheet learned that not only should we expect a first episode by the end of 2019, but Brandi Rhodes has been primed to host it.

At the time of this writing, no additional information was given, but we will gladly provide updates as they arise.

Brandi Rhodes has prior hosting and announcing history – even prior to her stint in WWE, as she was previously a local news anchor in Miami for NewsVision – so it makes sense as to why all parties involved may think she’d be a good fit for a podcast host. She’s never hosted a podcast before, but again, additional hosting experience is there. She’s more experienced than most members of the AEW roster in that department.

Stay tuned to Bell to Belles for future updates.

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