More details on Bushiroad’s acquisition of Stardom

As we reported last night, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s parent company, Bushiroad, acquired Stardom. The Joshi promotion held a press conference this morning to reveal more details surrounding their future.

First, let’s immediately clear up some misconceptions about the venture. New Japan didn’t buy Stardom and this isn’t a merger.

Stardom will join Bushiroad’s subsidiary, Kix Road. World Wonder Ring Stardom will no longer function as its own company but Rossy Ogawa will still act as its Chief Executive Officer.

Photo credit: Stardom

The streaming service, Stardom World, will continue to be the hub for its exclusive content. There are no plans to add their events to New Japan World. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that it will ever happen because the promotions have deals in place with opposing networks.

With that said, there is a possibility for cross-promotional events some time down the line, but there are no plans in place.

However, Bushiroad is prepared to provide a significant boost in the broadcasting and advertisement department with BS Nippon Television. Their Global Marketing Strategy will begin in January of 2020.

A series will air on Tokyo MX starting in January, with a 30-minute show on Thursdays on BS NTV.

The plan is to give Stardom weekly coverage, more ads, tv spots, and guest appearances at Bushiroad events. This is where the deal looks advantageous because it will give the promotion more exposure.

In addition, the new parent company plans to create full-time contracts for the wrestler and sign new talent from all over the world.

Fans can rest assured that Stardom will continue to operate the same way with the same staff in place. The focus of this move is to expand and reach a wider audience, similar to what the company did with New Japan in the past.

What do you think of this move? Drop a comment below and be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for more women’s wrestling news.

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