Katey Harvey returns to OTT to regain the women’s title

It has been a rough year for Irish wrestler, Katey Harvey. After eight months on the shelf, she returned to Over the Top Wrestling (OTT) to challenge Valkyrie for the Women’s Championship.

Harvey sustained two broken elbows after attempting a dive from the ring in January. She was forced to undergo surgery, which kept her sidelined for the next eight months.

Katey Harvey made her long-awaited return to OTT last month at The Road To Fifth Year Anniversary. In her first appearance since Contenders 13, she challenged her former mentee and the current OTT Women’s Champion, Valkyrie.

Today, the two squared off at the promotion’s Fifth Year Anniversary show at the National Stadium in Dublin. Eventually, the referee kicked the champion’s former associated, CT Flexor, from ringside. Later, he ejected the other half of the Woke Queens, Debbie Keitel, as well, making it a one-on-one fight.

In the end, Harvey hit Valkyrie with a Gory Bomb, sending her crashing into the middle turnbuckle, to become a two-time OTT Women’s Champion. She will walk into Defiant 3, with Gisele Shaw, tomorrow to face the Woke Queens in a tag match with the title in tow.

Be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for coverage of Defiant 3 and more OTT Wrestling news.

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