MLW aims to have ‘Major League Women’ show

Wrestling fans have wanted to see Major League Wrestling (MLW) start up a Women’s Division, so when the promotion started teasing the introduction of a Women’s Division in August, the entire wrestling world took note.

MLW has since announced that they will launch women’s wrestling in their promotion on Nov. 9, and Zeda Zhang has been signed with her first opponent announced.

But that’s not all. In an interview with Newsweek, MLW CEO Court Bauer spoke about his exciting goals for women’s wrestling in the promotion, stating that he aims to create a separate show for women titled “Major League Women”.

He said, with a hat tip to’s Jeremy Lambert:

“My goal is to have Major League Women, an entire spin off of MLW, that’s my end goal. There’s Major League Wrestling and then there’s Major League Womens and that’s their own full-hour of programming and they go out and don’t have to share the stage. In terms of programming it’s a different kind of presentation that would be fun to do, so that’s our longterm strategy.”

That is exciting news, as a full hour to showcase women will be huge for the promotion, and a YouTube show for the women could really take off. Fans are consuming most of their wrestling content online, and that’s helped promotions that embrace digital content strategy – such as MLW, NWA, and IMPACT – flourish whereas more sluggish promotions like ROH have faltered.

All eyes will be peeled on who else Bauer adds to the MLW Women’s Division, as so many talented wrestlers could get opportunities to shine on a new platform if Bauer’s end goal becomes a reality.

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