Pro Wrestling EVE to stream SHE-1 LIVE on YouTube

We are just one day away from Pro Wrestling EVE’s annual weekend extravaganza. The SHE-1 tournament is a massive two days of top wrestling action, with four show across Saturday and Sunday. Featuring such shining stars as Mercedes Martinez, Mei Suruga and the legendary Jazz, the SHE-1 is an unmissable event, and what’s more, the folks at Pro Wrestling EVE have announced that they will be streaming Saturday’s shows absolutely free on their YouTube channel.

Starting at 3.30pm on Saturday the first show of the day features the following stellar bouts:


Mercedes Martinez vs Kasey

Aleah James vs Angel Hayze


Millie McKenzie vs Nicole Savoy

Gisele Shaw vs Laura DiMatteo


Jazz vs Jetta

Rhia O’Reilly vs Mei Suruga

Starting at 7.30pm on Saturday, you can expect these high-quality clashes:


Mercedes Martinez vs Aleah James

Kasey vs Angel Hayze


Laura DiMatteo vs Nicole Savoy

Millie McKenzie vs Gisele Shaw


Rhia O’Reilly vs Jazz

Jetta vs Mei Suruga

The action continues on Sunday, where the 2019 Ace of EVE will be crowned, and granted the right to a title match of their choosing.

If you’ve ever been on the fence about watching Pro Wrestling EVE, now is the time to take the plunge and find out exactly why they are the UK’s finest pro-wrestling promotion. It’s free, it’s live, and best of all, it’s some of the very best wrestling you’ll watch this year. What more could you possibly ask for…?

Catch tomorrow’s show at EVE’s YouTube Channel. Come for the SHE-1, stay for the top quality wrestling.

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