Survivor Series

Five Possible members of Team NXT for Survivor Series

Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai makes the most sense given what we know so far. She has been highlighted often since she returned to make her network television debut on NXT.

She is possibly the most noteworthy name outside of the eight women who will compete in the WarGames match. We already know she won’t be a part of Team Ripley and or Team Baszler. There must be a reason WWE singled her out in this storyline.

This could mean that she will be a member of Team NXT at Survivor Series. Moreover, this could set her up to be the captain of the team. If she leads the team to a victory after she was left out of the WarGames match, it would be a perfect way to redeem herself.

Notably, Kai was one of the women who represented the brand in the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34. So, this wouldn’t be her first appearance on a main roster pay-per-view.

Dakota Kai is due for a big match to showcase her character in too. A breakout performance in the Survivor Series match could be a great way to cap off her current storyline and create a new fan favorite in NXT women’s division.

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