Survivor Series

Five Possible members of Team NXT for Survivor Series

Toni Storm

Toni Storm hasn’t appeared much on NXT UK since she lost the women’s title to Kay Lee Ray. However, she was one of the superstars who was rumored to make the jump to NXT after it debuted on USA.

Survivor Series would be a perfect place to bring her into the division. She has recognition among mainstream WWE fans after her appearances in the first and second annual Mae Young Classic.

Her win in the finals over Io Shirai at Evolution and that amazing match with Meiko Satomura in the semifinals are still highly regarded. If you’re reading this WWE, bring back the Mae Young Classic!

To get back to the point, Storm would be a great candidate for Team NXT.

She could also use a refresh after a rather lackluster tenure as the NXT UK Women’s Champion. Of course, that wasn’t her fault. Her reign felt so uneventful but the move to NXT could give her some new storylines and new match-ups.

Honestly, the division could use her just as much. Baszler has run through every face on the roster so there is a need for new faces like Storm and Rhea Ripley.

More to the point, Toni Storm seems ready to move up. If NXT is the main roster now, then it’s a great spot for her. What better place to debut than Survivor Series?

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