Kenny Omega talks AEW’s women’s division, changes for 2020

AEW is less than a year old. The company has built a large fan base and proven itself to be a growing promotion to be reckoned with, except for its women division. The lackluster and often criticized showcase of women’s wrestlers has been All Elite Wrestling’s Achilles heel so far.

In a time when women are headlining shows in WWE, All Elite has dropped the ball. Kenny Omega, who has been overseeing the women’s division, promises a change in the new year.

Omega recently participated in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio. He spoke in length about making a change for the women of AEW in 2020.

We haven’t been able to focus on women as much as I’d like. Some of it has been availability. We have girls signed and hopping on board. I hate to say ‘wait til 2020,’ but I can safely say in 2020 there are going to be interesting and exciting signings that will shake up the division. As soon as we have a women’s tag division, that will balance (things) more and give the women more of a stage. Once there’s that ‘thing’ for them to fight for, you’re going to see more time devoted per episode for the women.”

Omega, who has had a long history wrestling in Japan, plans to help showcase Joshi wrestlers and style on the main stage of AEW.

“We have talent from all corners of the globe. One of my main focuses from the beginning is, I wanted to show some of the Joshi talents from Japan that haven’t had the opportunity to be seen on a global scale. There hasn’t been much exposure of Stardom on a worldwide scale, but people know who they are, mainly due to Kairi Sane and Io Shirai.

Since their NXT debuts, people have dug a little deeper and gone back to the roots and seen what Stardom is all about. I’m sure they’ve gained fans through that, but there are other styles of Joshi wrestling and other talent that people haven’t seen, that don’t wrestle for Stardom. These are the people I want to introduce to the world,”

Quotes from the interview are credited to Wrestling Observer Radio with a h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

Hopefully, Omega’s plans will come to fruition and the women’s division will evolve into more of a focus for AEW.

Who would you like to see sign with AEW and help expand their women’s division? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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