Stardom takes a stand against sexual harassment

Monday, STARDOM took a stand against sexual harassment. The Joshi promotion issued a statement that made it clear that they won’t tolerate inappropriate behavior at their shows.

In the statement, they declared that they will ban any fan who makes verbal or physical advances towards their performers or fellow fans.

Stardom fans,
We thank you for your support.

Recently we learned that a male fan was sexually harassing a female fan on social media.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for everyone, anyone committing such acts will be banned from events.

Stardom is family friendly, and we are thankful for male and female fans coming to our shows, including children.

Thank you for understanding

Wrestling shows should feel like a safe space for all fans. It’s unfortunate but more and more companies have been forced to take a stance against sexual harassment and other offensive behavior lately.

Other promotions like Pro-Wrestling: EVE established a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment, bigotry, and bullying. Back in September, RISE also issued a code of conduct to curb offensive behavior at their events.

Stardom can do what they can to let their audience know sexual harassment isn’t acceptable. But it’s also up to fans to hold each other accountable so that we can all feel comfortable at shows.

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