Nor Diana to make EVE debut at Wrestle Queendom 3

On Tuesday morning, Pro Wrestling: EVE announced Malaysian Wrestling Champion, Nor “Pheonix” Diana, will debut at Wrestle Queendom 3.

The 19-year-old Malaysian born wrestler gained international attention earlier this year as the first professional wrestler to wear a hijab. Nor Diana has only been wrestling for three years but her courage has been already been such an inspiration.

Her story caught the eye of Muslim wrestler and WWE superstar, Mustafa Ali. It also made it onto news outlets like ESPN and Al Jazeera.

Diana will make her debut with Pro Wrestling: EVE next month at Wrestle Queendom 3. It’s refreshing to see her continue to break down barriers and blaze a new trail for Muslim women.

In other news, Japanese wrestler, Maki Itoh, will also make her debut for the promotion at the event, which will also be her first appearance in the UK. Itoh will face someone, who is no stranger to the British wrestling scene, Session Moth Martina.

Maki Itoh wrestles for Tokyo Joshi Pro, where she is the current International Princess Champion. She has also worked with DDT Pro, the promotion she made wrestling debut with in 2016.

Wrestle Queendom 3 will take place on Saturday, Jan. 11.

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