Evolution Check-up: Women’s wrestling stats for November weekly shows

For the month of October, we proved that we were capable of looking behind the veil and pay attention to the supposed women’s revolution. It was clear: the numbers didn’t support the claims and promise of equality. So, we calculated November stats.

And just like October, during November, week-after-week, it seems the women are getting less matches, shorter matches, or not seen at all.

We’ve learned, though, that without the numbers and statistics, we’re not able to stand a fighting chance against the promotion leaders who claim empowerment, yet do not deliver. And so, this piece will deliver the match, roster, and match duration statistics, as well as take a comparative peek at November, as it relates to October.

Let’s go over the rules for collecting the stats. Shows that aired during the month of November were included. This includes taped shows that were taped prior to November, but aired during November.

Stats were collected from wrestling promotions that have both men and women on their roster, and have weekly shows. Shows could be on any platform, including cable TV, network TV, YouTube, streaming services, etc.

Match times were measured from bell to bell, and were collected for the women’s matches, along with the total match time, for each episode. To give a more well-rounded picture, number of matches were collected, as well as roster counts.

Shows included are AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark, Raw, SmackDown, WWE Main Event, Beyond Uncharted Territory, NXT, NXT UK, NWA Powerrr, and Impact Wrestling.

Match times and match counts were collected from profightdb.com, cagematch.net, and prowrestling.fandom.com. Match times and counts that were not found on any site were measured manually. The match times for Impact and Beyond Uncharted Territory were not found and not able to be retrieved for collection, however match counts were collected for each, and roster data was collected for Impact.

Let’s start with the percentage of total match time that was dedicated to women’s wrestling, again. This was done by adding up the times for women’s matches, and dividing by the total match time. The numbers for each promotion are for the whole month of November. Promotions are ranked by highest percentage to lowest percentage.

  • AEW Dark: 52m04s of 136m48s for 38.06%
  • SmackDown: 45m07s of 173m47s for 25.96%
  • NXT: 62m47s of 244m09s for 25.71%
  • Raw: 60m15s of 260m46s for 23.1%
  • NXT UK: 19m24s of 98m10s for 19.76%
  • NWA Powerrr: 10m21s of 55m00s for 18.82%
  • AEW Dynamite: 34m50s of 201m07s for 17.32%
  • Main Event: 5m16s of 34m19s for 15.36%

The percentages for November were compared to October’s percentages to determine if a promotion had less women’s wrestling or more women’s wrestling on TV during November. Below are the comparative stats, ranked by percentage of change, from positive to negative.

  • AEW Dark: +18.96%
  • NWA Powerrr: +3.62%
  • SmackDown: +2.76%
  • AEW Dynamite: +0.32%
  • NXT: -7.19%
  • Raw: -8.0%
  • Main Event: -12.34%
  • NXT UK: -17.24%

Next, rosters were tallied to see how many women were on a promotion’s roster, when compared to men. Beyond Wrestling was not counted again this month, but Impact’s roster was included. Promotions are ranked by percentage of women signed on a promotion’s roster, with the change from October in parentheses.

  • NXT: 14/50 for 28.0% (-2.0%)
  • SmackDown: 12/45 for 26.7% (+1.1%)
  • AEW: 15/58 for 25.9% (+1.8%)
  • Raw: 12/47 for 25.5% (+1.0%)
  • Impact: 12/49 for 24.5% (N/A)
  • NXT UK: 9/40 for 22.5% (0.0)
  • NWA Powerrr 5/26 for 19.2% (0.0)

Finally, match counts were once again collected, tallying how many women’s matches occurred during the month of November for each promotion. Percentage was found by comparing to total number of matches for each promotion, and then ranked below from highest to lowest. Percentage of change from October is listed in parentheses. Impact was added to the list, this time around.

  • AEW Dark: 6/13 for 46.15% (+23.05%)
  • SmackDown: 8/21 for 38.1% (+19.0%)
  • Impact: 9/24 for 37.5% (N/A)
  • Beyond Uncharted Territory: 10/28 for 35.71% (+10.71%)
  • NXT: 8/23 for 34.78% (+3.48%)
  • NXT UK: 3/12 for 25.0% (-2.8%)
  • NWA Powerrr: 3/14 for 21.43% (+2.63%)
  • Main Event: 1/5 for 20.0% (-5.0%)
  • Raw: 5/28 for 17.86% (-4.34%)
  • AEW Dynamite: 4/23 for 17.39% (-1.11%)

That’s a lot of numbers to process, so let’s go over some interesting bits of knowledge.

When it came to match length, the longest women’s match happened on the Nov. 13 episode of NXT, clocking in at 22m02s. The shortest match was 1m34s, which occurred on AEW Dynamite on the same day.

Rosters don’t change often during the course of a month, even if they are brand new to television, but three rosters did indeed increase their percentage of female signees, including AEW, Raw, and SmackDown. AEW added one woman, SmackDown added one woman, and Raw lost two men.

Match counts prove to be the most interesting, when looking to analyze. There were 39 total women’s matches in November out of 168 matches. That means, if there is a show every day of November, there is an average of 1.3 women’s matches per day, compared to 4.3 women’s matches on average, per day. Men, on average, had three more matches per day in November.

The card with the highest number of women’s matches belongs to Beyond Uncharted Territory on Nov. 7, and the cards with the lowest number belonged to NXT UK and Main Event, who both had cards with zero women’s matches. Compare that to the highest men’s card, which was the Nov. 25 episode of Raw with eight matches, and the lowest cards, which belonged to AEW Dark and Main Event, who had one match each.

Out of the 39 women’s matches in November, three cards had zero women’s matches, 18 cards had one women’s match, 16 cards had two women’s matches, one card had three women’s matches, and one card had four women’s matches. This means, that almost half, 46.1% of women’s matches in November had one match. And worse, 94.8% of the cards had two women’s matches, or less.

It’s important to look into why statistics might change over the course of the month. For example, AEW Dark saw a 23.05% increase in women’s matches from October to November. How? They added a total three more women’s matches to the four episodes.

SmackDown did something similar, when they added three matches to a total of four episodes, increasing their four matches to eight, and upping their percentage by 19.0%.

Beyond Wrestling took a different approach, when they decreased the total number of matches, but increased women’s matches, allowing for a percent of change of over 10%.

Some of the statistics are quite promising, and some, like we had always pictured, are incredibly discouraging. The promotion with the highest number of women’s matches in one month was Beyond, with 10 matches. Think of promotions like NXT UK and NWA, who have some of the best women in the planet, and they put women in only three matches for the entire month.

Keeping up with the times, rosters, and match counts keep promotions accountable for their decisions. And though promotions might be trying their hardest, or are fairly new, or promise they will change next year, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep the owners and leaders on their toes.

If we want women’s wrestling to ever be respected or held to a regard that is even remotely similar to men’s wrestling, we need to be aware of changes in the industry, and highlight the less prettier side of the business.

If no one points out that change is needed and wanted, some promotions may never change.

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