Indie wrestler Riley Shepard to return in February

Riley Shepard announced on Twitter that she will return to the ring after recovering from ACL surgery. Shepard had reconstructive surgery on her ACL in March and in February of the new year, she will be back in action.

“The Gladiator of Geeks” makes her return on Saturday, Feb. 1 at WorkRate Entertainments, “Valentines Vengeance” show in Scrotrun, Pennsylvania.

The New Jersey native tore both her ACL and MCL in January and returned to action in March with a knee brace. She was able to wrestle four matches including her debut for Shine and Future of Honor.

In an upcoming interview with Bell to Belles, Shepard revealed that returning to the ring early was a misstep in judgment.” I realized I was being horribly reckless and decided to get ACL reconstruction surgery at the end of March.”

Riley Shepard is excited to get back in the ring and showcase her talent for all her fans. She has many years of success ahead of her.

Be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for our Indie Spotlight piece on Riley Shepard and more women’s wrestling news.

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