First Women’s War of Attrition Match set for Warrior Wrestling 8

Warrior Wrestling made a major announcement today. The promotion’s women’s title will be on the line in the first-ever Women’s War of Attrition Match at Warrior Wrestling 8.

In May, Tessa Blanchard defeated Jordynne Grace to become the inaugural Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion. She hasn’t defended the title since as she and Daga took on The Lucha Brothers at Warrior Wrestling 6. Blanchard was unable to appear at the last event.

Today, the Chicago-based promotion revealed that they will force her to defend the title at Warrior Wrestling 8. At the event, Tessa Blanchard will compete in the first-ever Women’s War of Attrition Match.

The War of Attrition is an original match stipulation with three falls. The indie promotion introduced it at Warrior Wrestling 2 to crown their first world champion.

In the match, eight women, including Blanchard, will compete in three elimination matches, starting with a four-on-four match. The four winners of that bout will then split up for a two-on-two match to set a one-on-one match for the final fall. The last woman standing will be the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion.

Warrior Wrestling 8 will take place on Feb. 15, 2020, at Marian Catholic High School. Tickets are available here.

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