Kris Statlander becomes the new AAW Women’s Champion

This weekend, Kris Statlander successfully challenged the AAW Women’s Champion, Jessicka Havok, in their rematch at The Windy City Classic XV.

Back in October, Havok offered Statlander a title shot after they teamed up at Defining Moment. The match materialized at the end of November at AAW Unstoppable 2019.  

In the main event, Havok retained her title after a hard-fought match. Afterward, the two brawled until security came out to separate them, setting up their rematch last night.

At The Windy City Classic XV, Jessicka Havok attacked Kris Statlander on the stage before the bell. She eventually recovered and the match got off to an official start in the right.

However, Havok continued to be just as vicious throughout the night, hitting Statlander with a chokeslam on the apron. The challenger executed a nimble Tope Suicida. Still, the champion regained control, flung Statlander into the guardrail, and connected with a devastating kick to the face.

Despite all of the punishment she sustained, “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” kicked out of several pin attempts to survive. At one point, Havok hit her with an Avalanche Powerbomb to force a near fall.

In the end, the challenger ascended to the top rope and hit Havok with the Area 451 Splash to win. Kris Statlander closes 2019 out as the new AAW Women’s Champion.

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