Liv Morgan returns to Raw to break-up Lana’s marriage

Liv Morgan finally made her return to Raw, but it’s not at all what we were expecting.

The marriage ceremony between Lana and Bobby Lashley was scheduled to be held during tonight’s episodes of Raw. During the ceremony, Lana’s first husband came out to object to the marriage, and Lashley’s first wive also came out to object to the marriage.

But the third objection was the most shocking. An absent Liv Morgan came out to object to the marriage. She approached the bride and groom, with a sad story of how hard her year had been, until she found love.

“I wouldn’t have made it through this year, if it wasn’t for our love,” Morgan claimed. She stated that as a wild child, she thought she would never find happiness, but she had.

Morgan expressed her heartbreak to the couple, demanding, “How could you do this to me?”

A confused Lashley claimed he had “never touched this woman in his life.” But it was revealed that who she was really talking to, was Lana.

Lana looked genuinely remorseful for a moment, and then the two fought in the ring. The ceremony was never completed, after Rusev popped out of the wedding cake.

Morgan last competed in ring in July during a SmackDown event. She was separated from the rest of the Riott Squad during the draft, landing on Raw. Since her draft, Morgan had leaked creepy and enigmatic tweets regarding her return. For a few weeks now, WWE has released vignettes backing a creepy return.

Watch clips from the segment below.

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