2020 Bell To Belles Hope Project: For the Fans

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only unprecedented, it hit the world suddenly and swiftly, leading to an era we’ll not soon forget. The realities that came after the swift change are too many to list, and there’s no telling when we’ll ever get back to normal.

The truth is, I’m more optimistic than many, and often, I see fans on social media simply not able to overcome their obstacles. When wrestling was all they needed to feel better, to be distracted from real life, it’s not enough to do the trick, now.

We all need a good dose of hope. As a wrestling fan who writes for wrestling fans, it made sense to me to reach out to wrestlers in hopes that they would be able to brighten our outlooks. The good people they are, they were happy to help.

I asked several wrestlers what their plans, dreams, hopes, and goals were after COVID-19 had passed. Normally, Bell To Belles covers women’s wrestling only, but we have to spread the message of unity, and so we asked everyone for their message, regardless of what they identified as.

Below are their messages of hope, love, unity, and strength, combined into what we call the Hope Project. I hope you find some solace, entertainment, faith, or even a smile from their words. I’ve included links to their merchandise shops within their names below; please consider supporting the wrestling community, if you can.

It takes everyone’s commitment to do the next right thing. We can only do it, together.

The artist formally known as Aiden English, Matthew Rehwoldt, needs us to stay strong as a unit.

LuFisto sent this message on learning from our past and taking advantage of the time:

“Hope. What a beautiful word. A word that inspires and that sometimes hurt. I keep on training at home and dieting so I can be ready when things settle down. I miss my wrestling friends, the warmth of the locker rooms, the traveling, meeting the fans.

However, I see this as a way to heal, to relax on weekends, which I never do. Death and illness are terrible but there are also wonderful things happening. People talking to each other again from one side of the street to the other, people reevaluating their values, reducing expenses that were not really needed in the first place, the trust in our leaders, focusing on what should really matters, the essentials workers finally getting some recognition, from the nurse to the grocery clerk.

How long this will take? When will we be able to attend a concert? Perform in the squared circle? I don’t know. But I’m hopeful. I’m learning how to enjoy my sole presence, my cats, and my boyfriend who’s been a life saver for me. I’m growing as a human being through this.

Attending a wrestling show in the future might be different, but wrestling will always be there. In a world where the “Me, myself and I” is so present, I hope we can all share the love and passion once it returns as a whole, a unit.

Until then, stay safe my friends. I shall see you soon…”

After the recent WWE news, The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo wants fans to know she’s highly motivated to get back to wrestling. The definition of hope for our Hope Project.

Allysin Kay shares a message of gratitude, community, NWA and Bloodsport:

“I’m very much missing my wrestling family right now, as most are; wrestlers, fans, and everyone in between. I’m very grateful that we are quarantined in a time with so much technology, so I can still hop on whatever social media platform at any given time to chat with friends and family, and see their faces. That has really made a positive difference for my mental health during these times.

I’m so eager to get back to Atlanta to film the next season of NWA Powerrr. We left on such a high note, and I am truly doing my best to stay on top of my game while self-isolating so that I can hit the ground running when that time comes. I’m also REALLY hoping that GCW’s Bloodsport gets rescheduled, because I had so much fun at the one I did last September, and I was so looking forward to facing off against Killer Kelly for the first time.

In the world in general, one thing I’m really hoping to see after this crisis, and ideally during as well, is more empathy.”

Dominik Dijakovic wants to get back to what we all took for granted: wrestling, as it was.

Shazza McKenzie wants fans to know she’s using this time to better herself, staying motivated and focused:

“With this global pandemic affecting so many people in some many different ways, I look forward to being able to entertain and perform in front of a live crowd again.

Currently there’s no shows planned upcoming, with uncertainty of everything, but I’m using this time to make sure that when we do return to performing, that I’m bringing a new and excited package to the ring.

I’d put a lot of effort into the idea of reinventing myself for my now postponed America tour, and whilst it sucks that it had to be cancelled for now, [I’m] using this time to work more in detail on the concept. I look forward to the next chapter of my career, whenever it might begin. This is simply time to reset and refocus, but this isn’t permanent. Staying motivated and productive through this time is what will help us all get to the other side.”

Lio Rush is not sure what’s next, but he knows one thing: he can’t wait to see his fans, again.

Holidead just wants one thing after COVID-19:

…and then there’s Dexter Lumis…who has one very creepy plan for all of the fans…

There’s so many ways we can choose to cope with this mess we have no experience with, but hope is a course of action we can all choose to take. The wrestlers spoke of faith, unity, strength, love, kindness, gratitude, and motivation. We can all take away a hopeful message from their contributions to the Hope Project.

Bell To Belles is also here for the fans, the readers, the wrestlers, and our communities. If you or someone you know needs support, do not hesitate to reach out to belltobelles@gmail.com.

We’re all in this together, and together we’ll make it out.

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