Indie Spotlight: Ruby Raze

Ruby Raze is a Southern California native who has been watching wrestling since she was a small child. She would practice moves in her yard with her brother.

Her original dream job was to be a photographer for WWE after going to art school to study photography. When that dream didn’t come to fruition, Raze began to photograph at indie shows which led to her next path.

Raze started out as a valet and eventually began her formal training at Santino Brothers Academy in 2013. Since her in-ring debut, she has wrestled all over the country against some of the best in indie wrestling. Some of the promotions include Bar Wrestling, RISE, IMPACT, and Shimmer. Raze also has a part-time contract with WOW-Women of Wrestling, where she wrestles under the moniker Venomous.

Who is Ruby Raze?

Birthplace: The Badlands of Southern California

Trained: “On the road for 5 years then formally at Santino Bros Wrestling Academy. Tyler Bateman on the road, then Joey Kaos at Santino Bros. After my time under Kaos, I went on to “debut” then continue classes with Los Luchas, Robby Phoenix. I’ve also trained at other various schools under different trainers but Santino Bros (along with training under Bateman) is my school and made me who I am today.”

Debut match: “That’s a hard one. I debuted as a manager in 2008. I debuted in-ring as a manager in a wrestling match in like 2011. I had my first singles match while not formally trained in 2012 against Chris Evans for Insane Wrestling League. Then, in 2013 I started formal training at Santino Bros and debuted as a legit singles wrestler in August of 2013 in the Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) women’s tournament where I wrestled 3 times in one night in various matches. “

Ruby Raze
Photo Credit: Jay Lee Photography

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“I must have been less than 10. I grew up around wrestling as my brother was a wrestler growing up so wrestling mats, being used as a dummy, and learning reversals and holds; really the sport wasn’t new to me. To be frank, I encountered my first German suplex at like age 7. My brother and I would watch WWE and especially GLOW on TV but besides that I started “watching” wrestling when the school team would hold their midnight matches in our front yard.”

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“The decision to train (formally) came after my match against Chris Evans in December 2012. I survived my first singles match and people enjoyed it. And right then and there I decided this was something I wanted to do. “

“If you want to know my path to becoming a pro wrestler it started way back when I used to try to train with my brother and his friends when I was young. Fast forward to me flunking out of college and trying to figure out a way to find info on training at the Texas Wrestling Academy in a time where the internet was still young and not as informative as it is today. Then I headed to art school where I majored in photojournalism with a goal of becoming a WWE photographer, only to be shot down because at that time they had specific type of people they wanted – a type I didn’t fit. “

“But I kept photographing wrestling. Next thing you know I’m being hired for shows to shoot, and a promoter asked if I would consider being a valet. I then went on to valet a trios team called Violence Unlimited (Tyler Bateman, Funny Bone, and Drago – aka Simon Gotch). Once the tea diminished, I made a transition to a more professional managerial role for Tyler Bateman. For five years, I would manage him, train under him, and travel the states learning as much as I could with anyone that would teach me, Bateman, B-Boy, Richardo Rodriguez. I even got time and words with Roland Alexander from APW (All Pro Wrestling) and learned so much from him. Fast forward to my first singles match then onward to formal training. (Sorry, that went Tarantino) “

Inspirations in the ring:

“There were 2 females who were big inspirations to me: Sara del Rey and Kana. Del Rey and Kana, more than people know, inspired me so much when I first started. “

“Presently my inspiration comes from everywhere – to me wrestling inspiration doesn’t just come from watching and studying other wrestlers it’s everywhere. Maybe that’s because wrestling is infused in my life but I can watch a movie, ballet, hear someone speak or read an article, and find inspiration to pull into myself and my wrestling. “

Ruby Raze
Photo Credit: Shimmer

Favorite match to date?

“It’s a tie between:”

Me & Nicole Savoy vs Tyler Bateman & Andy Brown (Bare Wrestling -Bateman’s farewell match before going to ROH) 10.31.2019″

 “Me vs Jessicka Havok from Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) March 24, 2018”

Favorite opponent to date:

“Jessicka Havok, Delilah Doom, or Andy Brown”

“I and Jessicka have a chemistry that’s palpable to anyone in our vicinity when we wrestling, the same thing with Delilah. Andy Brown is the competitor I need. Andy  pushes me in the ring to be better and expand out of my comfort zone, plus our styles and attitudes just mesh well when we’re opposite one another.”

Her in-ring style:

“I call my style “SoCal Smashmouth” because I really am a bruiser type with sparse but effective punches, clubs, and kicks, as well as suplex throws. But I also throw in some flash when it’s warranted with dives, rolling cannonballs, and things of the like (mind you, these moves come, but not often). So I am a smashmouth competitor but I also have some of that SoCal Flash. “

Future goals:

“Right now, I’m in a good spot in wrestling being able to work on the indies but also having a part-time contract with WOW (Women of Wrestling). I also produce a show called, “Up All Night” as an extension of Santino Bros. I have a few side projects away from the ring, but still wrestling related, in the works I’m hoping that will come to fruition in 2020 (given I have the time). “

“The ultimate goal for me would be to end up signing with someone like AEW or ROH, those two being my top choices outside of what I’m currently doing with WOW. But 2020 is bringing a whole lot of changes to what I know as my world in wrestling so I’m currently just hanging on by the seat of my pants.”

Dream opponents:

“Male: Tajiri, Chris Dickenson, Nick Gage”

“Female: Kimber Lee, Tessa Blanchard (outside of WOW), Su Yung”

“Find me and follow me on social media: @Razerpops on all social platforms or visit my website at…also, don’t forget to vote! “

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