Paige on Triple H

Paige says Triple H reached out to her

After some backlash earlier this week, Paige spoke to Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda about Triple H.

Monday, a clip, where Triple H made an inappropriate joke about Paige, made its rounds on the internet, causing outrage among her fans and colleagues.

The soundbite came from an interview Cassidy had with Triple H over the weekend at NXT TakeOver: Blackpool II. On the topic of Edge and Paige’s potential return, he gave an admittedly considerate answer. Then, he made an unnecessary joke that became a hot topic on Twitter after Paige called attention to it.

Today, Cassidy got to speak to Paige on BT Sport’s WWE media bus and he asked about the comment.

“Obviously I was a little bit perplexed, a little bit taken aback, because he’s someone that I truly look up to,” she said. “and he’s always been very respectful, so I feel like he got caught up, maybe, in a joke, that I just don’t think was appropriate to joke about. I don’t know, I feel like it’s something that I don’t need to continually keep talking about because I feel like people have done a pretty good job of that.”

The Anti-Diva went on to say he reached out to her and they spoke about it. She also didn’t feel the need to continue talking about it publicly.

Triple H also took to Twitter confirm he spoke to Paige and apologize for his “terrible joke.”

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