Tessa Blanchard denies accusations of racism

Tessa Blanchard is back in the news. Earlier, she released a brief statement via Twitter to deny claims of racism.

She wrote, “Over the last week I have been accused of calling a fellow wrestler a racial slur. The read this allegation has been personally upsetting. To be clear, I absolutely did not use that word. That word is not in my vocabulary. That word is not in my heart. Racism is not in my heart.”

Blanchard didn’t address the many claims of bullying that surfaced this weekend. She also didn’t apologize for any misconduct despite the fact that there were many accounts from witnesses that seemingly confirmed it.

This all started on Saturday when the current IMPACT World Champion posted a tweet, which quickly caused a backlash among women she has worked with in the past. Allison Kay accused her of spitting on a black wrestler and calling her a racial slur.

Tessa Blanchard vaguely denied it in a tweet that has since been deleted. However, the victim, La Rosa Negra, came forward to confirm it. On Thursday, Blanchard denied allegations of racism again after she went silent for the better part of a week.

What do you think of this statement? Drop a comment below and be sure to check with Bell to Belles for more updates.

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