Allegations about Tessa Blanchard from WOW revealed

Allegations about Tessa Blanchard and her attitude are still coming to light a week after the initial accusations.

Fightful, spoke to several women who worked with Blanchard while she was with WOW-Women of Wrestling. They shared more negative stories about Tessa.

The women chose to remain anonymous because of fear of retaliation after they spoke up. One woman told Fighful that Blanchard had confrontations with one of the trainers at the promotion, telling them they were unfit for the job. She allegedly berated them in front of a group of people. When Tessa was asked about these allegations in the past she claimed it was all blown out of proportion

It was said that by season two of WOW, Blanchard had used her pull to get the lead role in the show. She also gained a position as a head trainer and in talent relations. Many women felt their role with the company was negatively affected by the power Blanchard had been granted.

Fightful also reported a story that Tessa and Malia Hosaka got into a confrontation. As a result, Hosaka was the only one reprimanded by officials.

Blanchard got into other verbal confrontations with top stars at WOW. These arguments always seemed to happen in front of a group of people rather than one on one.

It comes at no surprise that a lot of women are too afraid to come forward publicly with similar stories they’ve seen or heard first hand about Blanchard.

The third-generation star has a lot of influence throughout the wrestling business. It appears she uses that to her advantage when confronted.

Check back with Bell to Belles for the latest news and updates on the allegations surrounding Tessa Blanchard.

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