Documentary on Joanie “Chyna” Laurer begins production

A documentary on the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer has begun filming. The documentary will be a feature-length production, focusing on the life of the former WWE superstar. It will be the first “official and authorized” production backed by Laurer’s estate.

Interviews are currently underway with a wide array of folks who have personal experiences with the “Ninth Wonder of The World. Laurer’s mother, Jan LaQue is one of the integral interviewees on the project.

LaQue spoke on the project and her hopes to restore her daughter’s legacy.

“My daughter, Joanie Laurer, led a remarkable life. I am excited to partner with a production team who is passionate about telling her true life’s story, not just the parts that played out in the ring or the tabloids. To that end I have selected a woman producer to work with who understands that the public only knows a small bit of Joanie’s story. I want to restore her legacy, a legacy that has been tarnished by others. Joanie deserves this and so do her true fans.”

The documentary will focus on Laurer’s influence on professional wrestling and gender equality. It will also delve deeper in the tragic side of fame that plagued Laurer.

According to the official website for the production, “The documentary will expose the manipulation her legacy has endured by those looking to profit from Laurer’s fame/personal struggles and will show her fate was the product of the #metoo era.”

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame last year as a member of D-Generation X. Hopefully, this project clears up some misconceptions about her and she gets the recognition she deserves.

The expected release for this documentary is still unknown at this time, but updates and more information can be found at

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