Aja Perera joins NXT as its first black female referee

Aja Perera will officially join NXT, but in a different role than most fans expected. As it turns out, she signed on to be a referee.

That’s right. Aja Perera will be the company’s first African-American female referee. When reports surfaced that she was planning to sign with WWE, it seemed like she would wrestle for NXT.

However, she actually tried out for a role as a referee. WWE released a video on the Performance Center’s YouTube channel, which chronicled her journey.

The video opened with former NXT referee Jessicka Carr’s farewell in November. Of course, Carr moved on to become the first female WWE referee since the 80s.

Perera, who was introduced as Aja Smith, will follow in her footsteps. “Referees are really the unsung heroes and they put in so much work,” she said. They’re seemingly invisible, but without them, there would be no wrestling honestly.” 

Aja went on to tearfully express her excitement and gratitude as she learned that she would join the company in this unexpected position. “Having this platform, as a female, as a female of color, is really an honor,” she said. “and I’m so thankful to be given this moment.”

This is certainly a historic moment for Aja Perera and NXT. Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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