Madie Maxx

Queens of Combat results, new champion crowned

Last night in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Queens of Combat hosted “A Queen’s Ransom.”

The event featured the “Queens Ransom” tournament as well as two tag team championship matches. There were also several singles matches and a Four-Way match that entertained the crowd.

Eight women participated in a single elimination tournament where the premise was the winner would get to challenge for the QOC Championship or Tag Team Championship at any time they want. In the final round, Madi Maxx outlasted the other seven women to win the tournament.

The main event of the evening was a steel cage match, where Diamante put her championship on the line against Tasha Steelz. The match was full of surprises as So Flo Unsanctioned came out to attack Diamante and Steelz. Then, Savannah Evans attacked her former ally, Steelz.

The tournament winner took these events as an opportunity to insert herself into the match and pull out the victory. The referee raised Madi Maxx’s hand as she become the new QOC Champion.

Here are the full results from QOC’s “Queen of Ransom” event.

Sadie Lee Moss defeated Charlie Kruel

Madi Maxx came out and brought out So Flo Unsanctioned (Rocky Radley and Dynamite DiDi) to announce they have formed a new stable called, So Flo Rich

Kayla Kassidy defeated Lynzee Pyke

First round of the “Queens Ransom” Tournament

Madi Maxx defeated Selina Rose

Kenzie Paige Henry defeated Savannah Evans

KiLynn King defeated Lady Frost

Dani Jordyn def Lindsay Snow

Tag Team Championship Match

Randi West and Thunderkitty defeated So Flo Unsanctioned (Rocky Radley and Dynamite DiDi” via DQ when Sadie Lee Moss came out and attacked Thunderkitty. Therefore, There was no title change

Sadie Lee Moss and Selena Rose def Thunderkitty and Randi West

Second round of the “Queens Ransom” Tournament

Madi Maxx defeated Kenzie Paige Henry

KiLynn King defeated Dani Jordyn

Four-Way Match

Savannah Evans defeated Lynzee Pyke, Kayla Kassidy and Charlie Kruel

Finals of the “Queen of Ransom” Tournament

Madi Maxx defeated KiLynn King

Tag Team Championship Match

So Flo Unsanctioned defeated Chill or Be Chilled (Lindsay Snow and Lady Frost)

Steel Cage Main Event

Madi Maxx defeats Tasha Steelz and Diamante to become the new QOC Champion

Thank you to Dennis Taylor of Squared Circle Sirens for the event results.

Check back with Bell to Belles for the results of the next Queens of Combat event.

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