Indie Spotlight: Charlie Kruel

Charlie Kruel is pro wrestling’s self-proclaimed maniac. She has wrestled for just a little over two years and quickly made a name for herself on the indie circuit. Kruel has been a fan of wrestling since she was a young child, so she decided to follow her dream of becoming a pro wrestler.

The “Beautiful Nightmare,” has a unique look and wrestling style that make her stand out from her peers. She has wrestled for Grindhouse Pro Wrestling, Emerge and in March, she will debut for RISE.

Who is Charlie Kruel?

Age:  “I don’t know my age…I was just discovered one day.” 

Birthplace: ” I live everywhere but I’ve Escaped From Death Row before. It’s where I have been the most. ”

Trained: “MÄŠÙKÜ helped train me…but then he realized he can’t visually teach me so he sent me to Jeffersonville, IN to train with Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Academy under the names of Too Tuff Tony, Rudo Raul LaMotta, and Rudy Switchblade. I thought it was an actual Grindhouse where they killed people and ground their bones but then I quickly realized it was an actual training school, so they weirdly accepted me. ”

Debut match: “1/20/2018 at the Jeffersonville Arena vs “AMAZING” Maria.” 

Photo Credit: @Mouse3911

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“lead me to it.. showed me on that big box with moving pictures on it once and was hooked.. never looked back.” 

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“Very young, that’s all I can remember. The journey wasn’t easy, but it definitely keeps me out of death row and away from the police. I Eat. Sleep. And breath wrestling. Nothing can ever take that away from me. 

Inspirations in the ring:

“AJ Lee and Jeff Hardy” 

Her in-ring style:

“Maniac. Aggressive. I like to kick people. ”

Favorite match/opponent to date:

“I really liked my match with Fantasy at Angel Gate in Pennsylvania. And myself vs. Savanna Stone and Jay Raves at Kaiju Attack Wrestling in Chicago. I don’t really have a favorite opponent. “

Future goals:

“Ever since I could remember it has always been the WWE/NXT. just successful, travel everywhere. “

Dream opponents:

“Mia Yim, Sü Yung, Tessa Blanchard, Laynie Luck. Just to name a few.” 

“Follow me on all social media platforms under Charlie Kruel and my YouTube channel under Charlie Kruel Wrestling.”

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