Cathy Kelley opens up about why she left WWE

Less than two weeks ago, Cathy Kelley took to her Twitter account to announce she was leaving WWE. Her final event with the company was at NXT TakeOver: Portland on Feb. 16.

In a recent interview, Kelley finally opened up about why she decided to leave the company worked for since February of 2016. The exchange took place on Maria Menounos’s Better Together podcast.

“It was a really hard decision. WWE and wrestling, in general, meant so much to meI’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and I thought about where my journey has taken me. There are so many pivotal moments in my life that felt like either a step back or I was stagnant that when I removed myself, I felt like my life catapulted forward.

I’ve always been really good about knowing, if you trust your gut, you know when something isn’t serving you or when it’s the right time to move on. That’s where I was towards the end of being at WWE. It was about timing, trusting my gut, trusting my intuition. I genuinely feel like my journey and career are just beginning.”

Cathy went on to say she has many goals and aspirations that WWE’s travel schedule prevented her from achieving. Some of her goals include acting, writing a screenplay, and being an executive producer on a television show.

Cathy Kelley is a talented media specialist and will be missed on WWE programming.

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