Indie Spotlight: Mariah May

Mariah May is a London-based wrestler who made her debut just over a year ago. She grew up a fan of wrestling alongside her brothers and continued her love for it into adulthood. After finishing her studies, she decided to follow her dreams and train to become a pro wrestler.

“The Glamour” has a huge following on social media, which she worked on prior to training to help her future success as a wrestler. May, also has her own YouTube channel, which she launched in 2017 to spotlight her journey in the ring and other aspects of her life.

Mariah has wrestled all over the UK and just four months after her debut had a tryout with WWE in London. With a background in athletics, fitness modeling and theatre.

Who is Mariah May?

Age: 21

Birthplace: North London, Tottenham

Trained: She trained in Enfield, at Hustle Wrestling and at Knucklelocks in Brixton

Debut match: Feb. 2, 2019. Hustle Wrestling. Mariah May vs. Nina Samuels

Photo Credit: @wrestleography

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“I have been a fan for as long as I can remember! My brothers and I always watched WWE together growing up, and I got completely hooked!”

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“I just couldn’t seem to shake wrestling. When I was finishing my studies it was time to decide on career choices; I excelled in sport and theatre – so I was being pushed in the direction of either of those, I was also being pushed towards a more academic career of being an English teacher. But it didn’t quite feel right. I wondered if this might be normal, as I’m sure most people struggle to pick a career straight out of school – it’s a big choice. I pursued theatre for a short amount of time, but I just wasn’t satisfied I was staying true to my heart.”

“One day I researched schools and plucked up the courage to finally follow my dreams – I couldn’t go a day without thinking about wrestling, it would be silly for me not to pursue it. I was incredibly nervous but it was the best decision I ever made. When you start your training your fitness levels are tested, it is a highly physical sport and very demanding. I learned rolls, bumps and running the ropes. Inside I was geeking out at the fact I was doing the same things my idols once did, but I stayed calm and focused on learning as much as possible. Training to become a wrestler is a lot of sacrifice and dedication, go to as many sessions as possible, listen to your coach and make sure your fitness levels are high….and have fun! It’s the best journey ever. “

Inspirations in the ring:

“Past inspirations would be my childhood heroes; Mickie James and Jeff Hardy. They are so charismatic, something about them made me cling to them as a child, and at an older age I can look back at appreciate how talented they both were.”

“I also look up to Trish Stratus a considerable amount. I often get compared to her – I get stigmatized because of my fitness model background, which means I always have to prove people wrong (which I love doing!). But I work so hard juggling a full-time job, gym, training, YouTube and social media, and traveling up and down the country and internationally to pursue my dreams, its difficult to just be written off as a model!”

Her in-ring style:

“My style presents a mixture of everything. I want something in my arsenal to match up to any opponent. I mainly do strikes and aerial maneuvers, but I can pull off some power moves when I need to. I also love technical wrestling and want the chance to mix it up more with my opponents doing this style.”

Favorite match/opponent to date:

“My favourite match is between my debut against NXT UK Superstar Nina Samuels as it holds such a special place in my heart, or against Robbie McKenzie at Megalam as I feel it really shows my progression in terms of in-ring technique and crowd work due to the high volume of shows I have consistently been performing on.”

Dream opponents:

“My childhood heroes Mickie James or Trish Stratus. I would love to wrestle Meiko Satomura; she is the best wrestler in the world.”

Future goals:

” My goals for the future can be simply put… a long, healthy career. I just want to wrestle…all the time…everywhere. That’s all I can ask for! “

“I share my journey from pretty much the start up until now on There are training videos, me talking about my training, my debut, match highlights, current matches and vlogs where you can come on the road with me on my amazing journey. Thank you for taking the time to read this interview – it means a lot!

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