Women's Wrestling

Bell To Belles Exclusive Feature: World of Women’s Wrestling

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, happening on March 8, Bell To Belles is releasing an exclusive feature, the long-term project, World of Women’s Wrestling.

The project is an interactive map, marking where each female wrestler was born, featuring their picture, a link to news, and a link to their bio.

At the time of this post update, WWE, NXT, NXT UK, AEW, ROH and Impact women have all been added to the map. More women and new features will be added as time permits! If you see an error that needs to be corrected, please email belltobelles@gmail.com with source information, and we’ll update immediately.

Why start this project? Our mission is to promote, embolden, and help grow women’s wrestling. Part of that mission, is to empower women to support and work together for change. Our goal is that the map will encourage that principle, on a global scale.

Use the map for research! Use the map just for fun! Whatever you do, support women’s wrestling.

Check out the map below!

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