Freelance Wrestling announces In Our Warehouse

In response to recent cancellations, Freelance Wrestling announced a weekly event, In Our Warehouse. The show will stream live from the Pro Wrestling Tees warehouse in Chicago.

The name of the event is a clever nod to the retired WWE pay-per-view, In Your House. Freelance and IWTV came up with the idea for it in hopes that it will provide income for indie wrestlers who lost work due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to their official announcement:

“A lot of places are canceling events, which leaves a lot of wrestlers out of work. Most people on the independents work a normal job as well as wrestling, but some, this is it for them. If there’s now show, there’s no money.

I’ve been working on this idea for the last 24 hours in conjunction with IWTV and soon we will be hosting weekly live streamed events from the Freelance Wrestling Academy hosted in the Pro Wrestling Tees warehouse in Chicago. The idea is simple, wrestlers will wrestle and fans watching at home can donate money to each specific wrestler through a PayPal link as their match is happening, kind of like a pro wrestling telethon.”

Many independent wrestlers could lose the opportunity to make a living during WrestleMania weekend. Without the ability to work during their busiest and most lucrative period of the year, many of them could use some help. This event could give fans the ability to lend a hand.

Be safe and check back with Bell to Belle for more information on Freelance Wrestling In Our Warehouse as it becomes available.

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