AAW Wrestling announces Fight for the Future

AAW Wrestling is currently planning a weekly series called Fight for the Future, which will launch on its streaming platform.

Like many other promotions, AAW was forced to cancel their upcoming event, EPIC. However, the Chicago-based company has spent the past week preparing content that they can share with the use of their new streaming equipment.

Like Freelance Wrestling’s Warehouse Wars, the goal is to help independent wrestlers who lost bookings due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As such, AAW will start taping Fight for the Future next weekend.

The weekly event will be available on AAW On Demand, which is free for the first month. In addition, AAW added three full shows to their YouTube channel.

This has been a trying time for everyone. Many major promotions are scrambling to make the best out of this situation but indie wrestling was hit the hardest.

Several independent wrestlers lost work at what stood to be the busiest time of the year. Even more, they don’t know when they will be able to work consistently to recoup the income they would’ve made.

It’s great to see promotions like AAW, Black Label Pro, and Freelance come together and offer them a way to make up for it.

AAW hasn’t announced an official date or card yet, but be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for more updates.

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