Eve Torres

Eve Torres talks WWE exit and her dream opponent

This weekend, DS Shin from Ring The Belle sat down with one of the most successful WWE Diva Search winners, Eve Torres.

For Torres’ last few months with WWE, she took part in an overarching storyline with Kaitlyn. Their feud culminated in her final match with the company and her last reign as Divas Champion.

Eve acknowledged how important it was to her to elevate the title on her way out. It meant even more because she shared a meaningful program with Kaitlyn.

“I told them that I was gonna be moving on from WWE,” she said. “At the time, they were not investing in women’s stories, and it was gonna be one of those things where I just went away. One thing I wanted when I left was to make this Divas Championship mean something a little bit more than what it did. And to pass that on [to Kaitlyn], I had to work very hard for that. I fought for that moment because they weren’t gonna give it to us. I wanted this title to matter, I wanted women’s wrestling to matter. And it’s a drop in the bucket of where we’re at now, but for me, it was really meaningful that I was finally able to pass something on. That was just special to me.”

Today, Torres has her hands full as a mother, actress, and martial arts instructor. However, She left WWE at the height of her popularity, leaving many fans to wonder what prompted this decision.

“I honestly felt like there was a ceiling for me that I was not able to break. We’ve come so far,” she said. Where the women’s division is now, if you had told me when I was there that women were gonna headline WrestleMania, I would have said, ‘get out of here. That’s never gonna happen.’ I felt like I was being controlled by other things that weren’t just me or my skill set or my work ethic, and I didn’t like that.”

There’s still room for the former Divas Champion to return for one last run with the company. When asked about a comeback, Eve Torres already had an ideal opponent in mind.

I am obsessed with the women’s roster right now. There are great talents, but there are so many different characters that I’m just loving. Obviously, I love Becky Lynch. She’s The Man, right? So I would love to face her if I came back. If I stopped having kids, then maybe that will happen.

Be sure to check out the full interview, where she and DS went through the top five moments of her career as voted by the fans.

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