Indie Spotlight: Leyla Hirsch

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch has been making a name for herself all over the indie circuit since her debut in September of 2017. She fell in love with professional wrestling at the age of 14, when she discovered WWE and vowed to make wrestling a career.

Hirsch began amateur wrestling in high school, which ultimately led her to start training after graduation in lieu of college. Under the guidance of DJ Hyde, Hirsch trained at Combat Zone Wrestling academy and has since wrestled all over the globe.

Some of the promotions on Hirsh’s resume include CZW, WSU, Beyond Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, and STARDOM.

Who is Leyla Hirsch?

Age: 23

Birthplace: Hillsborough, NJ

Trained: Hirsch trained at CZW under the tutelage of DJ Hyde

Debut Match: Sept. 29, 2017. Combat Zone Wrestling in Blackwood, NJ against DJ Hyde.

Photo Credit: Limitless Wreslting

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“At the age of 14”

When she made the decision to start training?

“I decided to be a professional wrestler the night I discovered WWE. After that night, being a professional wrestler was my ultimate goal.  When I discovered professional wrestling, I thought in order to get to that stage you had to do amateur wresting and that’s what I did. I did amateur wrestling for five years throughout high school. My senior year I received a scholarship to wrestle for a university in Atlanta, Georgia. “

“I was set on competing for the university until a friend of mine mentioned how she knew a professional wrestler who I could speak to. Through my friend, I met David Starr. He was the first person to help me get my foot in professional wrestling. After talking to him I decided to give up my wrestling scholarship and pursue professional wrestling. March 27, 2016 is the first day I stepped in the ring.”

Inspirations in the ring:

“Past: Jeff hardy, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio.”

“Present: David Starr, Mercedes Martinez, Meiko Satomura, and Lufisto.”

Her in-ring style:

“I would say my style is a combination of strong style and technical wrestling. My trademark moves are my moonsault, suplexes, and running knee.”

Favorite opponent to date:


Dream opponents:

“Meiko Satomura, Tony Storm, Jinny, and Shayna Baszler.”

Future goals:

“Making it to WWE.”

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