Taynara Conti reveals she asked for her release from WWE

Saturday, Taynara Conti gave fans an update following the news that WWE laid her off. In a video on her YouTube channel, she confirmed that she asked for her release two months ago.

First, Conti assured fans that she was ok and she was happy. She went on to express her gratitude for all the experiences she had with WWE. However, she started to feel like it was time for her to move on.

“In the last couple months, I was not feeling like that anymore, she said. I was not happy. As you guys know, I have a background in judo, so I’m always competing with myself and I need to feel that I’m growing, that I have space to grow, that I’m useful, and I was not feeling like that anymore. when I talked to them. We tried to figure it out and I was just not happy and I am like that. When I’m not happy. I tried to change, if I can’t change, *snaps fingers* let’s go, move on.

“I asked for my release about two months ago and they were not able to give it to me by then. And I had no option but to try again. Then in the middle of the pandemic, I was at home and I got a call. ‘Hey, Tay. Bye!’ They released me. Of course, it was a shock. I was upset. I was nervous. But, you know, now that I figured out everything, I’m happy because I want to have good feelings about WWE in my heart and I will always have it.”

Thanks to Fightful for the transcript.

Taynara Conti made it clear that she plans to continue wrestling and she’s excited for the future. Hopefully, she finds success with another company because she showed a lot of progress over the last year with WWE.

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