Asuka Money in the Bank

Asuka becomes 2020 Money in the Bank winner

Sunday was another very different pay-per-view viewing experience. At the end of the night, Asuka won the 2020 Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

The 2020 Money in the Bank match was the latest cinematic match produced by WWE. This year’s edition of the stipulation match was filled with comedic moments, fun Easter eggs, and some legitimately cool visuals.

The main event got off to a unique start as each competitor gathered in the lobby of “Titan Towers,” WWE’s global headquarters building in Stamford, Connecticut. Carmella, Lacey EvansDana Brooke, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler all stepped forward with their usual entrance music.

Later, Asuka made a surprise entrance from the balcony above and kicked the match off with a flying crossbody. After she took out the other five competitors, she used the elevator to head upstairs.

This set the tone for what would be the most outrageous Money in the Bank match to date. A play-by-play of each spot couldn’t possibly do it any justice.

Dana Brooke was quietly one of the highlights in her second Money in the Bank appearance. Baszler also looked strong as it took a barrage from three other participants to take her out.

In the end, Asuka was the last woman standing. She fought off Baron Corbin to become 2020 Women’s Money in the Bank winner.

What did you think of this year’s main event? Drop a comment below and be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for more WWE news.

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