All Elite Wrestling creates women wrestling fan community “AEW Heels”

All Elite Wrestling, under the helm of Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes, launched the start of their online community for women wrestling fans – “AEW Heels”.

Friday night via Zoom, Rhodes and the women of AEW launched a virtual party to celebrate the kick-off of the new fan community. Rhodes discussed how AEW Heels was created for women to enjoy wrestling together, empowering each other in the process.

“My biggest problem wasn’t men, my problem was other women.”

AEW CBO Brandi Rhodes

Rhodes would continue by saying, “Heels is a community.”

“…for you to meet each other and come together over the common love of wrestling.”

Fans were treated to some details on exclusive benefits of being a part of AEW Heels, like access to staff behind the scenes, and discounts on AEW Heels merchandise. Fans also got the chance to ask Rhodes questions regarding the new fan community.

Rhodes was asked what it was like to be a woman in the industry. She discussed how she was often discounted because of her marriage, adding, “There’s obstacles everyday. You never get to the point as a female in wrestling where you can take a breath and relax.”

Podcaster Queen of the NE asked Brandi about the progress and development of AEW’s women’s division.

“Patience is a virtue.”

“However, I will say that representation is so important, not just in the front, but also in the back.”

“I have to keep calm and be methodical about how I lay my pitches out.”

AEW CBO Brandi Rhodes

Though no formal plans were announced for the future of AEW Heels, Brandi expressed her feelings regarding tonight’s launch party via Twitter.

Return to Bell To Belles for more information on AEW Heels, and for live coverage during AEW’s pay-per-view scheduled for Saturday, May 23, Double or Nothing.

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