best Arisa Hoshiki matches

The Top Five Arisa Hoshiki Matches

5. Kagetsu vs. Arisa Hoshiki – Stardom World Champion Wars 2019

Kagetsu and Hoshiki fought to a time-limit draw in an excellent match on the last day of the 2019 5STAR Grand Prix. Afterward, Arisa vowed that she wouldn’t lose the Wonder of Stardom Championship until she got to face Kagetsu again for the title.

After her fifth defense against Avary, Kagetsu accepted her challenge. The two had a highly-anticipated match a few weeks later.

The leader of Oedo Tai won over the crowd early on with consecutive dives and a death-defying splash from the top rope to the outside. Then, she maintained control, picking the champion apart one limb at a time.

best Arisa Hoshiki matches
Photo credit: STARDOM

However, Hoshiki used her educated feet to work her way back into the match and locked in a sleeper hold to wear the challenger down. Then, she landed her signature step up roundhouse kick from the corner, 1399, to force a two count.

They avoided each others finishers and went into a awesome back and forth before Kagetsu dropped Hoshiki with a high kick. It looked like she would become the new champion after she ducked the Brazilian Kick and blinded Arisa with green mist.

Then, she landed the Ebisu Drop and a 450 splash, the Oedo Coaster, that resulted in a near fall. Eventually, Hoshiki won with the use of the Brazilian Kick.

It might not have lived up to the hype for some fans, but Kagetsu and Arisa Hoshiki put on one of the best matches of her 370-day reign, in hindsight.

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