best Arisa Hoshiki matches

The Top Five Arisa Hoshiki Matches

4. Jungle Kyona vs. Arisa Hoshiki – Stardom X Stardom 2019

Arisa’s fourth title defense came in the form of a showdown with Jungle Kyona. The match got off to a playful start until Kyona targeted the champion’s knee.

Still, the “Shining Star” staged a fiery comeback capped off with two emphatic kicks. Jungle recovered outside the ring while Arisa tried to capitalize with a double knee strike.

Just as Hoshiki leaped from the apron, Kyona caught her and slammed her back-first on the edge of the ring. Arisa miraculously beat the count but Kyona quickly put her in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack.

Arisa Hoshiki
Photo credit: STARDOM

This was the story of the match. Every time Arisa gained some momentum, Kyona would overpower her. The challenger withstood all of Hoshiki’s offense deep into the match and raised the intensity.

They entered a fierce exchange that lead to a near fall after Kyona planted Hoshiki with a Muscle Buster. Later, Arisa caught Jungle with a combo of bone-shattering kicks and her trademark jumping knee, Shining Impact. However, she narrowly forced a rope break to survive.

The ending sequence of this match was amazing. A play-by-play of it couldn’t really do it justice but Hoshiki ultimately won with the Brazilian Kick.

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