best Arisa Hoshiki matches

The Top Five Arisa Hoshiki Matches

3. Konami vs. Arisa Hoshiki – Stardom Year-End Climax 2019

Arisa also had a spectacular match with Jungle Kyona’s tag team partner, Konami, on Christmas Eve. As a matter of fact, Hoshiki and Konami’s rivalry was a focal point throughout 2019.

The “Shining Star” defeated Konami to win the Cinderella Tournament. Later, Konami got her revenge, handing her two high-profile losses. She beat Hoshiki en route to the finals of the 5STAR Grand Prix. Then, she and Kyona dashed her dreams to win the Goddess of Stardom Championship.

The match got off to a hot start as the two traded low kicks. Then, the challenger went to work on Hoshiki with an array of submission maneuvers.

Arisa Konami
Photo credit: STARDOM

Hoshiki tried to fight back but Konami countered with a German suplex and immediately connected with a stiff kick to the head. This forced Arisa to roll out of the ring, but Konami followed her.

She landed another German suplex on the floor below and locked in a hold to apply even more pressure. Somehow, Hoshiki made it back into the ring but Konami wouldn’t let up.

Arisa applied a sleeper hold to slow her down but she reversed it and cinched in a sleeper of her own. Hoshiki got out of it with a snapmare and went for the Shining Star Cutter, her version of Will Ospreay’s Oscutter.

However, Konami countered it beautifully into a cross armbar and transitioned it into her signature hold, the Triangle Lancer. After she forced a rope break, Hoshiki came storming back with a Shining Impact and a hook kick.

It wasn’t enough to put the challenger away. So, she went for the Brazilian Kick. Konami ducked it and Hoshiki instantly responded with a fantastic hook kick.

As the match started to wind down, Konami got more and more vicious. At one point, she blasted Hoshiki with a knee strike and administered a Kimura Lock. The second Arisa showed a sign of life she slammed her onto the mat and locked it in again.

When Hoshiki didn’t relent, Konami unleashed a barrage of nasty kicks and stomps to her head and neck. This set up a thrilling finish where it took a Shining Star Cutter, Brazilian Kick and Shining Impact to win.

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