best Arisa Hoshiki matches

The Top Five Arisa Hoshiki Matches

Hazuki vs. Arisa Hoshiki – Stardom World Big Summer In Tokyo

Hoshiki’s third title defense was arguably her first real test as Wonder of Stardom Champion. In the match, Hazuki showed some real grit as she took Arisa to her limits.

For the most part, Hazuki kept this a clean fight too. They fought out into the crowd early on. Afterward, the action stayed in the ring where they exchanged some stiff kicks.

Hoshiki pulled off an incredible transition into a sleeper hold and later a 1399. Now in firm control, she landed her twisting press from the top rope, ADAMAS.

best Arisa Hoshiki matches
Photo credit: STARDOM

The match appeared to be over. Suddenly, Hoshiki arrogantly stopped the count, lifted Hazuki up, and wiped her out with a brutal Brazilian Kick.

Hazuki kicked out and made her pay with a DDT and Falcon Arrow to force one of many convincing near falls. From then on, Hazuki took control of the bout.

She executed a beautiful springboard dropkick to pick up a two count. Then she quickly secured a crossface. When Hoshiki made it to the rope, she rolled back into a Rings of Saturn.

Arisa finally got her foot onto the rope, but Hazuki stayed on her. The second half of this nonstop action. Hoshiki underestimated Hazuki but she made this a close fight all the way to the end.

The finish came when the champion landed a Brazilian Kick and followed it up with a Shining Impact to win via pinfall.

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