best Arisa Hoshiki matches

The Top Five Arisa Hoshiki Matches

Tam Nakano vs. Arisa Hoshiki – Stardom Shining Destiny 2019

When Arisa returned to Stardom, there was some tension between her and Tam Nakano. Hoshiki tried to make friends with her STARS stablemate, but they just weren’t getting along.

After she defeated Momo Watanabe for the title, she challenged Nakano in hopes that they could come to understand each other in the ring. Hoshiki’s first title defense started off tense, almost cagey.

Both competitors are adept strikers but Tam showed some surprisingly sound technical ability. Hoshiki rose to the test but it made for a slow match at some points.

It eventually picks up and reaches a crescendo in the end. Once the gloves are off, it becomes an enjoyable match as they pelted each other with kicks. Nakano does her best to stay in this match but Hoshiki beat her with a combo of the Shining Impact and the Brazilian Kick.

best Arisa Hoshiki matches
Photo credit: STARDOM

Honestly, there are better matches on this list in terms of work rate and execution. The storytelling in this entry puts it above the rest. After the match, Tam reluctantly accepted Hoshiki’s friendship and declared that she will beat her for the white belt in an emotional moment.

Their performance earned Nakano and Hoshiki the Best Match Award for 2019.

In November, the frenemies formed Dream Shine and won the 2019 Goddesses of Stardom Tag League. They unsuccessfully challenged for the tag titles in a great match with Tokyo Cyber Squad later that month.

What do you think. Drop a comment below and let us know your know your favorite Arisa Hoshiki matches.

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