Salina de la Renta Announces Her Long-Awaited Return To MLW

You read the headline correctly: The Empresaria is back!

Last week, Salina de la Renta made this shocking announcement at the end of MLW’s newest installment of “Pulp FUSION.” The series gives fans an inside look at what their favorite wrestlers are doing while in quarantine.

After her bold announcement, MLW reported that de la Renta signed an exclusive deal with the company. She has also acquired a promoting and managing license.

The last time fans saw de la Renta was last November at MLW Saturday Night SuperFight. She was accidentally sent through a table by her associate, LA Park, who was facing Jacob Fatu for the MLW Heavyweight Championship.

Rumors began to run wild after her departure about whether or not she would return.

Many pointed fingers toward a few rivals she’s had in the past including Konnan and Josef Samael of CONTRA Unit. Maybe, they had something to do with her disappearance.

Others wondered if she decided to leave the thrilling world of pro wrestling and embark on something different. It’s safe to say that those rumors can now be laid to rest.

For those who are unfamiliar with de la Renta, she is the founder and power broker of Promociones Dorado, a Latin American promotion that helps wrestlers and other entertainers expand their brands in the United States and around the world.

She has promoted many MLW Stars including Low Ki, LA Park, El Hijo De LA Park, Bestia 666, Sammy Guevara, and Ricky Martinez. These stars climbed the ranks to become key faces and champions in MLW.

She has had many falling outs with her clients. Still, her work as a valet and businesswoman makes her dangerous and powerful.

It’ll be exciting to see what de la Renta has up her sleeve when MLW goes back to filming Fusion.

Are you excited to see Salina de la Renta make her return to MLW? Drop a comment below and be sure to check back with Bell to Belles for women’s wrestling news

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