Three options for the new Wonder of Stardom Champion


Speaking of a breakout year, the former Ice Ribbon star, Giulia, has made a huge impact since she joined STARDOM last year. She formed her own unit, Donna del Mondo and the trio won the Artist of Stardom of Championship.

It’s clear that the promotion has high expectations for her because she was one of the four women who represented STARDOM at Wrestle Kingdom 14. Giulia, Mayu Iwatani, Arisa Hoshiki, and the late Hana Kimura were the first women to compete at New Japan’s biggest event of the calendar year.

In March, she became the 2020 Cinderella Tournament Winner and used her wish to challenge Hoshiki for the Wonder of Stardom title. Unfortunately, she was unable to compete in a match with Arisa before she retired due to cancellations caused by COVID-19.

So, if anyone has a claim to the “white belt”, it’s Giulia. She was next in line for a title match and she could’ve ended Hoshiki’s year-long reign. Given her early success, it was definitely possible.

If she receives a shot at the vacant title soon, Giulia will likely be the next Wonder of Stardom Champion. It would be a great way for her to cap off 2020.

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