Three options for the new Wonder of Stardom Champion

Tam Nakano

This entry is more of a long shot than the other two. However, it would make for a feel good story.

Arisa Hoshiki’s stablemate and reluctant partner, Tam Nakano, was her first opponent as Wonder of Stardom Champion. The two had a fantastic match at Shining Destiny 2019.

The “Shining Star” retained and they worked through their tension. In November, they teamed up to form Dream Shine and win the 2019 Goddesses of Stardom Tag League.

Although Hoshiki and Nakano came to understand each other, Tam always maintained that she would eventually beat Arisa for the title. Sadly, she won’t have a chance to face her in a rematch, but Nakano would make an excellent successor.

Tam hasn’t won a singles title yet, and this would be a good conclusion to STARDOM’s best storyline of 2019. Moreover, Nakano has proven how good she is when she defeated Kagetsu at Stardom’s 9th Anniversary show.

This could be the perfect opportunity to give her a major title win and some semblance of a happy ending for Dream Shine.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let us know who you would like to see become the new Wonder of Stardom Champion.

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