Savannah Evans talks teaming with Big Swole and #SpeakingOut

Independent Wrestler, Savannah Evans, has worked to create a name for herself with promotions like Queens of Combat since her debut in 2014.

Evans spoke exclusively with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling about #SpeakingOut, working with Big Swole, and AEW.

She expressed her thoughts on the women who have courageously told stories about their experiences with sexual misconduct in the wrestling industry online. Evans also spoke on the negative effects on mental health.

“Yeah, I think it definitely — people that are out there, are in things for the wrong business, they do need to be outed,” she said. “We don’t need to keep people like that around so, it took a Speaking Out movement for a lot of girls to come forward and if that’s what it took, then I’m glad it happened. People feel — they need to feel like they are heard and that their experiences matter because they do. So, it’s just really big for me. I’m a huge mental health advocate so, I always feel just — when people feel like they can’t come to someone or they have no one to come to with experiences like that, negative experiences like that, it rips at me. Everyone should feel like they’re comfortable, they can go to someone. Whether it’s a friend, a best friend, co-worker, a therapist. ‘Hey, this is what happened. I feel comfortable sharing it with you’ and when people don’t have that outlet, it’s hard so I’m definitely glad that people were able to get these experiences out there and maybe some people obviously weren’t aware that they were friends or close friends with someone who was literally just evil, just bad and so, I think that’s a good step in taking the steps to kind of clear up professional wrestling because there’s a lot of people that don’t stand for that kind of thing and I think that needs to be more often where people are being called out on it [for] inappropriate behavior.”

During her time with Queens of Combat, Savannah Evans formed an all-Black female stable called “Sexy Young Caramels” with Big Swole and Devyn Nicole. She regretted that the trio didn’t develop into something more.

“So I wish that group would’ve lasted longer. Like, first of all, it was just the three of us having fun. We didn’t really have much else going on. So, the group started in Queens of Combat which is a local all-women’s promotion in Charlotte and we didn’t really have a bunch going on. It was originally me and Aerial [Big Swole] and then we added Devyn Nicole who had just got to the company and we just had fun. It was just our group to go out there, have our fun, just kind of be what we wanted to be and have fun with it so we were out there just having a good time so I really enjoyed that and it was an all-black female group so you hit both of those marks and it was just… it was fun. We went out there and had fun. We had a segment one time. I wanna say it was The Fella Twins and Jamie Senegal.”

“It was Eddy McQueen and Rick Cataldo and then Jamie Senegal was with them, and we just had so much fun because we were all just taking shots back and forth at each other and the crowd was really into it. That’s what I just remember being one of the highlights of being in that group is just really having fun with the crowd, having fun with each other. It was hilarious.”

Speaking of Swole, Evans also showed interest in working alongside some of her friends for AEW.

“I mean I would absolutely love to appear on AEW. Like you said, you see so many people you’ve worked with and so many friends on Dark. Suge [D] was the first person. I was like, ‘Oh my God, Suge, get it. Do your thing.’ You know what I mean? It was an opportunity for more people to see what he does, what he brings to the table. That Suge D flavor.”

“He took full advantage of all that and he ran with it. He made that a huge deal and again, that’s just part of who he is. He’s gonna take an opportunity and run with it which you absolutely should. He was a good example of that. I would definitely, if they offered me something, I’m there. I don’t have any qualms about working for AEW. That would be great.”

Be sure to check out the full interview for more on Savannah Evans and EVOLVE.

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