Willow Nightingale

Leading with Humanity: An Interview with Willow Nightingale

Rapid-Fire Wrap-up

I wanted to wrap up with some rapid fire questions, not to go too much in depth, just to get some quick answers. So I figure, indie wrestling, Let’s Hang Out—punk as f*ck. Right? 


So I’m going to call this game, if you will, Punk as F*ck. You’ll see how this works out. 

Proudest moment in wrestling: “Winning the Campeonatos de Parejas with Solo. We were the first female tag team to do so, and it was a great moment to share with my best friend.”

Unbelievable moment: “The first match I had in WOW. I stood on the top rope to do my moonsault to finish the match, and I just climbed up there and looked out, and there were all these people screaming and there’s a hundred cameras everywhere. And I was like, man, I’ve gotta take this in because this is the coolest moment of my life. And I did the most perfect moonsault I’ve ever done. Those 5 seconds are forever ingrained in my head.” 

Willow Nightingale
Photo credit: Jennifer Dowd

New face to look out for: “Jaden Való. I wrestled him for Beyond Please Come Back where you literally get to choose your opponent. I love this kid. He’s got so much energy, and he’s got a lot of years ahead of him, a lot of career.”

Knowledgeable peer: “This might be cheating, but Rex Lawless, that’s my boyfriend. Having him so close helps because whenever I have any question he’s always there for me.” 

Advice for the next generation of wrestlers: “If you just keep doing it, things happen, which sounds really dumb, but if you just keep showing up to training and keep working out and keep showing up to shows whether you’re booked or not, right, something happens. People will know you and you’ll get better. And then whatever you want, it will happen. Manifest it into the world.”

Strangest place you’ve wrestled: “I wrestled in a movie theatre once, which was pretty cool. That was out by Pittsburgh. So that was pretty strange. It was in the theatre, not outside, so that was a little wacky.”

Fun opponent: “Puf. That’s one of my favorite, most fun matches was when I wrestled Puf.”

Underrated opponent: “Sumie Sakai. Even though she has reached so much success, I still feel like she’s underrated for just how good she is. She needs to be in the conversation of best women’s wrestler going right now more than she is already.”

Creative opponent: “Travis Huckabee’s come up with some pretty creative stuff with cool transitions and fun spots that I wouldn’t have thought of.”

Kind opponent: “Terra Calaway is like the sweetest human being, and in wrestling her, I feel like she also cares a lot about her opponent. She does Dropkick Depression, which is her charity about mental health awareness and suicide prevention, so her kindness extends beyond the ring. And she’s just a top-notch human being all around. I love Terra so much.”

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