Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo Steal The Show at Emergence

Competitors aren’t often given the opportunity to be the first to do something in the world of professional wrestling that. Both Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo got that chance on Tuesday night when Grace challenged the current IMPACT Knockouts Champion in the first-ever Knockouts Iron Man match on night two of Emergence.

For over 30 minutes with limited commercial interruption, both women came to the ring with intensity and unbridled aggression. Vowing to bring their feud, which has run since Purrazzo’s debut earlier this year, to an end. There would be no question who the top Knockout in the division was after they were through with each other.

Purrazzo came into IMPACT Wrestling with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove. At Slammiversary, “The Virtuosa” won the title off of Jordynne Grace, bringing the dominant force of the Knockouts division’s first title reign to a shocking end.

The match started out slowly with both women tying up, pushing, and prodding looking for weaknesses in the other’s defenses. Grace showed off her brute strength and wrestling acumen early by outwrestling Purrazzo with a chain of submission holds during the opening moments, leading to the first near fall of the match.

The first fall came, after nearly 26 minutes had elapsed. Jordynne Grace locked in a massive chokehold, knocking out Purrazzo. This caused the referee to stop the match temporarily and award her a fall.

Purrazzo, clearly frustrated, recovered quickly. Then, she began hammering on Grace. “The Virtuosa” locked her in increasingly more dire and painful submission holds, scratching tooth and nail to even the score.

Following a ref bump, Grace secured her finisher. After she landed The Grace Driver, “Thick Mama Pump” should’ve gone up two to zero. However, the official wasn’t available to count it. Then, Purrazzo grabbed the Knockouts title and slammed it into Grace’s face before she rolled her up for a cover as the referee began to stir.

With only 60 seconds remaining in the match, both women traded submission holds and high impact moves. Ultimately, Purrazzo locked Grace into her signature submission the Venus de Milo, a double Fujiwara Armbar, causing her to tap out with only one second left on the clock. So, Deonna Purrazzo is still your IMPACT Knockouts Champion, at least for the time being.

This was a truly phenomenal match. It was only hindered by the frequent ad breaks during what would prove to be pivotal moments of the match. Hopefully, the less than above board end to the match means that this feud isn’t drawing to a close and this is only just beginning.

What did you think of the main event of Emergence? Let us know in the comments below.

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