WWE releases a farewell video for Renee Young

Renee Young, now re-assuming her real name Renee Paquette, announced on Aug. 23 on the SummerSlam kick-off show that she would be leaving WWE, after being with the company for nearly eight years.

Earlier today, WWE released a video farewell for Paquette, full of touching moments that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house, including her original audition tape from June 2012.

While with WWE, Paquette acted as presenter, commentator, and interviewer, and was by far one of the most cherished personalities WWE employed.

In 2018, Paquette was the first women to act as a commentator for an entire episode of Raw. She joined CM Punk and Boooker T in hosting WWE Backstage on FS1, and recently announced she was releasing a cookbook she had written.

Paquette was more than just a popular personality with fans and Superstars, she acted as an inspiration to women looking to break into the field of sports broadcasting. In an industry traditionally filled with men, Paquette is a smart and talented leading light.

Bell To Belles will dearly miss Paquette’s presence. We know she’ll succeed in anything she blesses in the future.

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