Ivelisse on NWA title match, Diamante, and gratitude towards AEW

Warren Hayes of Bell To Belles had the opportunity to sit down with Ivelisse to discuss her recent success at All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the story behind teaming up with Diamante, and her emotions leading up to the NWA World Women’s Championship match.

Bell To Belles had to ask: was there an AEW contract in the works for Ivelisse?

…Obviously I’ve been featured a lot and that’s definitely a good thing. So, yeah, I can’t really comment further on that, but, definitely things look very positive.”


In July, Ivelisse teamed with Diamante to compete in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament, making it through two rounds before winning the whole thing in August versus Allie and Brandi Rhodes, The Nightmare Sisters. Ivelisse shared the journey behind her addition to the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

Well, we had talked like months ago, and they had mentioned months ago about something to do tag team-wise, or the tournament or something, but then the pandemic hit and everything, so, that kind of went to a back burner. And then I kind of reached out to kind of check-up, check-in, I mean, and then they mentioned again about that they still had plans for a tag team tournament, or whatnot. But [there] wasn’t a definite date yet. But then, very shortly after they mentioned that, they contacted back and mentioned they wanted to do the tournament. So, I was like, ‘Okay, great. Let’s do it.'” 


Ivelisse was asked what her relationship was like with Diamante, and if forming a tag team again was in the cards for the future.

When I had talked to them, they mentioned they had interest in bringing us both together. So, I already knew of their clear interest of bringing us both together as a tag team. They had mentioned they were a fan of both of our work…I mean, our characters are obviously very similar. We have a very similar background, whether it be on a personal level or on a character level, in terms of wrestling, which technically our personal, you know, they kind of intertwined personal and our wrestling character [at AEW].

But the thing is, I feel like everyone just kind of, because of those things, they just kind of assumed that we had been wrestling, as a tag as a team forever, when really we hadn’t even done the tag team yet. It was on its way in TitleMatch Wrestling, the Ladies Night Out, that’s what we were going for. 

I actually had formed my stable of Las Sicarias, years ago in SHINE. But you know, stuff happens. It kind of disintegrated. And then with Ladies Night Out, I had a chance to kind of bring it back together and, you know, whether with new members or members from the past. So, the opportunity came to bring Diamante and, you know, little-by-little bring more, as I say, recruiting, recruiting them in a stable.”


Ivelisse has wrestled for nearly half of her life, and though she is still at the top of her game, shared how women in wrestling struggle the most when they reach a certain age.

Especially females like, trust me, I’ve already struggled with that, as well. Like once I hit 30, I had to mentally start with like, “Man, I’m 30,” and this and that. And I’ve had to struggle with that too, because for us as females, for sure, a hundred percent, like once we hit 30, how it’s been perceived…”

“I’ve also sacrificed in order to have a career or have a successful career, too. Also sacrifice having children or having a family is that that deters, as well, a lot.”


This week on AEW Dynamite, Ivelisse faces Thunder Rosa for the NWA World Women’s Championship. Ivelisse already has the SHINE Championship and the Ladies Night Out Championship, but clearly has another title in her sight. The veteran was asked what she was feeling, heading into the title match.

Number one: incredibly grateful to have the opportunity. Number two: I look at it as another opportunity to showcase women’s wrestling to the world in a way that can be perceived with the utmost respect…”

“And of course, I want that belt. And every time we wrestled, every time we battled it out, I’ve beat her before. So, why can’t I do it again and add more gold to the collection, right?”


Finally, Ivelisse shared her gratitude for all of the opportunities AEW has given her, being this far into her career. Besides the Tag Team Cup, Ivelisse has been featured in two singles matches and the Casino Battle Royale at last year’s AEW All Out Buy-In.

I was starting to find my momentum again towards the end of last year, which I was incredibly, incredibly happy [about]. 

Unfortunately, that all came to a halt [with] my ankle injury, and then I came back and then re-injured it, again. So, last couple of years [gone] to injury and personal things all together, all wrapped in one. And then I finally managed the last year to kind of push through all that and kind of try to gain that momentum back. 

I’ve literally given half of my life to pro wrestling, to women’s wrestling, because it’s my number one passion. And my number one passion within that passion is to represent women’s wrestling at its highest, or at least at my highest capability, and to contribute towards those changes for women’s wrestling, on how women are perceived as competitors in the ring, and to gain that respect and that credibility that we all work so hard for, and I feel we deserve. So, now thankfully, thank God with AEW, so far, I’ve had these opportunities to continue that, and I am beyond grateful for that, too.” 


Ivelisse will face Thunder Rosa for the NWA World Women’s Championship on AEW Dynamite this week, scheduled for its normal day and time on Wednesday, starting at 8 p.m. EST.

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Please credit Warren Hayes of Bell To Belles for conducting the interview, and Bell To Belles for the transcription and article.

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