PWI Women’s 100 Interview Series: #81 Davienne

In collaboration with PWI, Bell to Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI Women’s 100 ranking. Bell to Belles will release one interview per day, celebrating the past year in women’s wrestling.

Davienne, who ranked #81 on the 2020 PWI Women’s 100, spoke with Lauren Founds of Bell to Belles to discuss her last year in wrestling, being a staple on Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory and her plans for the future.

COVID-19 took a huge toll on professional wrestling this year. Bell to Belles asked Davienne what she has been up to during this time.

I purchased my first home in January and I thought I only wanted to renovate my bathroom. Well, being home so much made me realize I wanted to change almost everything. So, about 90 percent of the renovations I completed myself. I changed out all the door knobs, lighting fixtures, painted all my walls and baseboards, refinished my floors, and refinished cabinets I had in storage. I needed help with installing flooring in the bathroom and the cabinets and counters, but my next project will be retiling my shower. So, I’ve kept myself very busy.


In 2019, Davienne had one of her busiest years of her career. She wrestled 56 matches for 22 different promotions. She was asked what her favorite match was last year.

Really any of my matches with Ava Everett, but in particular at Beyond Wrestling in a dark match prior to an episode of Uncharted Territory.


Davienne shared which opponents and promotions are on her wish list.

I would love to make my way out to the Midwest and West Coast, if travel is allowed in the near future. Jessica Havok, Kimber Lee, LuFisto, Willow Nightingale and Hyan are all women I have been wanting to face that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to yet.


Davienne has been wrestling for seven years and surprisingly hasn’t been seen alot on television. She was asked if there have been meetings with promotions that we have been unaware of.

I do not have any upcoming opportunities with any television promotions. Ideally, I will in the future sign with a televised company and be able to make my full-time living wrestling, but it’s just not in the cards at the moment. Hopefully soon!


Davienne has been a staple of Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory and shared if she has plans to return.

I would love to come back to Uncharted Territory and Beyond Wrestling, if COVID-19 allows. There were a lot of scheduling issues during Season 2 of Uncharted Territory, so it was a real bummer for me to not be a part of it. So, if the program is able to come back I would love to be involved again.


The new year is right around the corner. With hopes that the pandemic will dissolve and thing will go back to “normal,” Davienne spoke on what 2021 has in store for her.

I really try to take things one day at a time, especially in this uncertain climate in the world. Quarantine has definitely given me a new perspective on wrestling and life in general. I’m no longer going to let my fears of judgement or failure hold me back from what I want out of my life, so I want to take every opportunity I can over this next year to better myself as a human being and a performer, and try and conquer the world.


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Please credit Lauren Founds of Bell To Belles for the interview, transcription, and article.

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