PWI Women’s 100 Interview Series: #98 Holidead

In collaboration with PWI, Bell to Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI Women’s 100 ranking. Bell to Belles will release one interview per day, celebrating the past year in women’s wrestling.

Holidead, who ranked #98 on the 2020 PWI Women’s 100, spoke with Lauren Founds of Bell To Belles on her last year in wrestling, what to expect in the future, and her thoughts on the future of WOW.

COVID-19 took a huge toll on professional wrestling this year, especially on the indie scene. Bell to Belles asked Holidead what she has been up to, since the pandemic hit.

Um, going a little stir crazy, for one. I did a lot of P90X while the gyms were closed. It was a really good workout and surprisingly helped me stay toned. Definitely recommend to anyone. I actually did do some traveling, as safely as I could, of course. Flights were cheap, and to keep from going stir crazy, I took a trip to the Grand Canyon, went hiking in Red Rock Vegas, and went to Mexico for some treatment.

Other than that, did some podcasts and various interview-type programs with a few companies I’ve worked with overseas. Everyone is looking to keep content going, especially on the independent circuit where work is not regular. So, I was happy to be involved in wrestling-related activities. Oh, I also started a Patreon so, shooting content for that was something, also. Check it out!”


Holidead has held the Crossfire Wrestling Women’s Champion for an astounding 500 days. She shared how it feels holding a title that long, and filled us in on any other titles she has in her sights.

Whoa?! 500 hundred days…even I didn’t know that. I guess that’s pretty cool, I really had no idea it’s been that long. Personally, I don’t know if I’d count the days among the pandemic, as I’d like to be a fighting champion. I love wrestling and just want to compete.

I’ve never been big on needing a title, but since you asked, right before the pandemic happened, I was working overseas in the UK for EVE and I did get a chance to compete for their International Title. I’ve always said I don’t have a home in wrestling, but I’ve definitely feel different whenever I work at EVE. I’d love to challenge for that title again, and take it home to the darkside.

Over the past year or so, I’ve started working with SHIMMER. They are known as a top premiere women’s company featuring the best of the best. I wouldn’t mind getting another shot at the Heart of SHIMMER title. I’d really like people to see what all I can do. “


Holidead along with Siren excelled in the WOW Tag Team Tournament, making it to the semi-finals. Rumors have been curculating that WOW has been cancelled and will not be returning for a new season. Holidead spoke on whether or not this rumor is true.

I’m not sure about WOW being canceled, of course it’s known that our relationship with AXS TV had ended, unfortunately, but in wrestling the show must go on. However, the pandemic has halted alot. I’m confident in saying if the pandemic had not hit, WOW would most likely be filming, as fall is typical film time.

However, with the vision David McLane has, I believe he wants WOW to be experienced in front of a live audience, as the crowd and fans are so much a part of us. So, more so it’s a matter of safety and when full crowds can be allowed to big events. Safety is always first in our business, so we patiently and eagerly wait. WOW is one of the few companies that have allowed me [a] platform on a different type of level. It’s something special.”


Virtual Basement is releasing a wrestling video game called The Wrestling Code, and Holidead is a featured player on the game. She was asked if she had any creative input on the game itself.

I thought it was pretty cool that Virtual Basement reached out to me and so many others to be part of their game. I think its dope they are going to put a spotlight on so many that may not have it. Currently, I haven’t worked with them directly on any logistics, but I’ll be ready when they are.”


Holidead’s long-time tag team partner, Thunder Rosa has converted Mission Pro Wrestling to be run by all women. Holidead shared how she has been helping her friend with the new promotion.

The show has already taken place and I’m am there to help absolutely everywhere that is needed. Now, I was only booked technically as one of the commentators along side Brittani Nicole. But, I did help set up and tear down, [and] was in the locker room for any help needed. And although I was not scheduled to wrestle, as we know a card is always subject to change. And in true wrestling form, there was a need, so I kicked off the pre show vs. up-and- comer Jazmine Allure, who is very impressive, by the way. Then ran to the back, freshened up, changed into my fancy clothes, and did my commentary duties for the night. But in wrestling, you do whatever is needed of you on a show, and are always ready for the unexpected. “


After seven years in the ring, Holidead wrestles like a true veteran. She was asked about her future goals and plans for the next step of her career.

I’m flattered by that comment and must credit my trainer Gangrel for giving me the tools to be a true professional in this game, regardless of at what stage in my career.

As far as goals and plans, on the independent level it’s really hard to say. COVID has definitely hit the independent scene hard. There are a lot of companies that will not be returning, travel bans and restrictions to look at. I won’t go into a list of goals and plans yet, but there is definitely a list of things I want to accomplish.

This past year I had a few European tours scheduled, along with a debut set in Asia. I mean, if things open back up in a timely manner, I definitely want to return to Europe. Working over there is a different vibe, and they treat me different than in the States. In a weird way, it feels homely to me. And obviously I’d like to get that Asia debut rescheduled, there are just a few companies I’d like to make a home, stay with, if you will. But beyond tha,t I can’t go into too many details, given the circumstances of, well, the world, ya know.

I’ve always said my goal was to be a professional wrestler. To make a living solely off of wrestling. Before the pandemic, I was doing just that. Traveling the world, wrestling in front of live crowds, doing this crazy thing I love. I guess in the end, my overall goal is the same, and I want to get back to that.”


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Please credit Lauren Founds of Bell To Belles for conducting the interview.

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