PWI Women's 100 KC Spinelli

PWI Women’s 100 Interview Series: #80 KC Spinelli

In collaboration with PWI, Bell to Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI Women’s 100 ranking. Bell to Belles will release one interview per day, celebrating the past year in women’s wrestling.

KC Spinelli, who ranked #80 on the 2020 PWI Women’s 100, spoke with Lauren Founds of Bell to Belles on her last year in wrestling, what to expect in the future, and her thoughts on the progress of women’s wrestling.

In 2019, KC Spinelli wrestled for dozens of promotions, but after the pandemic hit, many women on the independent scene weren’t able to work as much. Spinelli shared what she did to keep busy.

Wrestling has been [my] number one focus for the last 12 years. When COVID hit, it not only took my routine away, but it gave me the time to put everything on hold and work on [my]self. I have made the most of not having to juggle so many things in my day, getting my mind right and, of course, enjoying the beaches!”

-KC Spinelli

Spinelli continued by stating she had to cancel all of her plans to travel for work.

Oh man, I was literally on my way to the airport when I got the notice: the school we would be wrestling in British Columbia was closing due to COVID. So I stayed home and prayed for the next two weeks that I’d still be able to go to the UK…I was supposed to go to Austria, as well as France. Needless to say, March got shut down, and so did all my travel plans.” 

-KC Spinelli

As a self-proclaimed feminist, KC spoke about her opinion of this past year in women’s wrestling, and whether she believes the industry is working with positive momentum.

Women’s wrestling has been consistently growing since it became “a thing”. Wrestling will always be a male-dominated industry, but the women who work hard to become pro wrestlers do an amazing job of breaking barriers and helping build the industry.”

-KC Spinelli

Having wrestled for 11 years, it’s surprising that Spinelli hasn’t seen much television time. She was asked if fans could expect her on television again, any time soon.

You can always find me on television [in Canada]. However, at this time, with travel bans in place, there’s no filming happening in Canada at the moment.”

-KC Spinelli

Since, her debut over a decade ago, KC has wrestled countless men and women in the squared circle. She was asked where she would like to wrestle next, and for which promotions.

Oh man, I want to work with everyone! And I’d absolutely love to debut in Italy, Australia, Germany and Japan.”

-KC Spinelli

Already an in-ring veteran, she discussed her future goals and plans, moving forward.

I just want to keep enjoying all the experiences and travels life has for me. Wrestling doesn’t owe me anything. I just hope to continue enjoying the journey.”

-KC Spinelli

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Please credit Lauren Founds of Bell To Belles for conducting the interview.

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